Tottori Sand Dunes

The Tottori Sand Dune (Tottori Sakyuu)

The Tottori Sand Dune is a must for any visitor to Tottori. Located in the heart of the San’in Kaigan Geopark and stretching 2.4km north to south and 16km east to west, it is one of the finest coastal sand dunes in the country. The ripples swept in the sand by the winds of the Sea of Japan are a constant delight to visitors. The small hill known as Umanose (‘the horse’s back’) offers a picturesque panorama of the ocean.

High Heels No Problem Tottori Sand Dune Boots & Slippers Rental

Facing the municipal car park are the Sand Dune Meeting Hall and camel riding area, where boots can be rented. The Park Information Centre offers a slipper rental and foot-washing area.

See the Sand Dune from Your Car Sand Dune Wheelchair Access

A wooden ramp leading from the municipal parking area to the entrance to the sand dunes provides easy access for wheelchairs and baby carriages. We also provide free lending of wheelchairs with special tyres suitable for sand.

Tottori Sand Dune ‘Barrier Free’ (Natural Parks Foundation TEL 0857-23-7652)


Experience the Tottori Sand Dune!:

See the dunes from the back of a camel. Enjoy a snapshot of yourself on the camel for memories. There’s also a ski lift from the top of a hillock with a fine vista back to the Sand Dune entrance, so that you can take in all the scenery at once.

With no obstacles such as trees or boulders, the Sand Dune is safe for beginners, making it a popular place for airborne sports like paragliding.

Tottori Sand Dune Camel Riding: Camels at the Dune with seats for two. Camel riding(Rakudaya TEL 0857-23-1735)

It is becoming increasingly popular! A tour of cycling at the national park, Tottori Sand Dunes. It is popular for taking great photos for Instagram. Book here:

You can experience yoga at the great sand dunes in the morning, in the afternoon or while watching stars. Please find the details at:

Dune Lift: Sand Dune Centre TEL 0857-22-2111

Tottori Sand Dune Sandboarding:

Using a board to traverse the slopes of the Sand Dune is recently gaining popularity. Similar to snowboarding and open to all levels from beginner to expert, all that’s needed is a board to enjoy this sport.

Sandboard Info: Tottori Daisakyuu Sandboard Executive Committee TEL 0857-23-1749


Where to Enjoy the Sand Dune Recommended Spots:

Tottori Sand Museum

The only museum in Japan featuring sculptures created entirely from sand. Each year showcases a different theme.

Sand Museum TEL 0857-20-2231


The Tottori Sand Dune Rich in Nature:

Rakkyo Shallot flowers blooming on the Dune

The shallot (or Japanese leek) season is from the end of May to the end of June. Growing in sandy soil through rough Sea of Japan winters, these leeks are known for their pale colour and crisp, crunchy texture. From late October to early November their flowers are in full bloom, appearing like a reddish violet carpet covering the field.

JA Tottori Inaba Shallot Guide

JA Tottori Inaba Net Shop

(Inquiries) JA Tottori Inaba TEL 0857-32-1100

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