Where is Tottori?

Tottori is located at the western edge of Japan’s main island of Honshu, in the northeast area of the Chugoku region. It is a fairly long and narrow prefecture running some 120 km east to west and 50 km north to south. To the north is the Sea of Japan, with the Tottori Sand Dune and lovely beaches dotted with pine trees. In the south is the Chuguku Mountains, including Mt Daisen, the highest peak in the region. Into this mountainous terrain extend three river basins forming valleys in which developed the three cities of Tottori, Kurayoshi and Yonago. The climate is temperate, with four distinct seasons; weather is relatively fine from spring to autumn, with some snow in winter. The area is also blessed with a relative absence of typhoons and other natural disasters.

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What kind of place is Tottori?

Area 3,507 square km
Population Approx. 590,000
No. of Households Approx. 210,000
Municipalities 4 cities, 14 towns, 1 village
Capital Tottori City

Name of the Prefecture

The name of the prefecture is made of the characters for ‘bird’ and ‘take’. In Japan’s original creation myth the Kojiiki, the Yamato overlord issued an order to all of his kings to pay their taxes in birds. At that time a hunting people were said to live in a humid area of swamps and bogs called the ‘Tottori grasslands’ where they subsisted on birds and the like. These people founded a unit of government called the ‘Totoribe’ in accordance with this custom. From this geographic division the name of ‘Tottori Prefecture’ was born.

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