Uradome Beach (San’in Kaigan Geopark)

Within the San’in Kaigan Geopark is the Uradome Shore, a natural museum of geology and terrain where the raging waves of the Sea of Japan carved tunnels and caves and formed beaches of white sand. From Mt Shichiyama to the Kugami Cape, the picturesque seaside changes appearance with the time of day in a way that had the literary master Touson Shimazaki singing its praises. The characteristic Uradome scenery in spots like the Natanego and Senganmatsu islands, Kamoga rocky beach, and Ryujin hollow never fail to captivate. To enjoy these sights from land, walk along the shoreline promenade for a pristine sea view. There is also a boat service if you prefer to feel the salty sea breeze and glimpse some scenery that can’t be seen from the shore.

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Info: San’in Matsushima Sightseeing TEL 0857-73-1212
The pristine environment offers a wealth of activities like snorkeling for all ages. The swimming beach is ever-popular in summer, as are the shallows and the sandy stretch of beach dotted with pine trees.

Basic Info

Uradome, Iwami-cho, Iwami-gun, Tottori
TEL 0857-72-3481
URL http://www.iwamikanko.org/
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