Togo Hot Spring

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Counted among San’in’s ‘Special Eight’ picturesque sights, Lake Togo’s shore features splendid scenery and a hot spring to warm the heart.

Type Weak salt radium 63-90 degrees; effective against rheumatism, female complaints, nerve pain, and skin conditions.

Guide to Onsen Ryokan in Togo:


Kosenkaku Yozyokan

Hot spring lodging on the shore of Lake Togo. The spacious rotemburo in the garden vicinity and the large bath with a view of the Chinese Garden are particularly charming.

144 Hikiji, Yurihama-cho, Touhaku District TEL 0858-32-0111

Day trip bathing OK


Kokuminsyukusya Suimeiso

Rustic lodging with soothing scenery a three-minute walk from Matsuzaki Station. The nearby park on the shore of Lake Togo has an onsen warm enough to make a soft-boiled egg.

132 Asahi, Yurihama-cho, Touhaku District TEL 0858-32-0411

Day trip bathing OK


Sawa no Yu

Renowned as a friendly inn with a lovely view of picturesque Lake Togo.

61 Asahi, Yurihama-cho, Touhaku District TEL 0858-32-0331

Day trip bathing OK


Go Onsen Hot Springs to Visit


Yuashisu Togo Ryuhoukaku

Multipurpose bathing facilities fed with hot spring water. Swimsuit and nude sections available.

560-7 Hikiji, Yurihama-cho, Touhaku District TEL 0858-32-2622  Closed every 4th Tuesday


Three foot baths in Togo Hot Springs:

Hotei Bath, Bishamonten Bath (both of which can boil an egg), and Daikokuten Bath.


Basic Info

TEL 0858-35-4052 (Hawai Onsen/Togo Onsen-Ryokan Association)
Access 5 min. from Matsuzaki Station; 10 min. from Kurayoshi Station. Highway: 75 min. from Chuugoku Expwy Innoshou IC or 60 min. from Yonago Expwy Yubara IC.

Access Map

Timetable (Flight/Train/Bus)


  • Hot Springs
  • Tottori-Sakyu Conan Airport
  • JR Kurayoshi Station