Recommended Sightseeing Routes


  • 🌇🚢Sunset Cruise🌇🚢
Only in summer? The sunset cruise on Uradome Coast :) Watching the sunset in the vast sea and the fishing boat lights, dotting the horizon, was simply stunning! I treated myself to a 40-minute cruise. The boat leaves at the best time, 6:30 pm, where it’s still bright and the sea water is visibly clear. As the sun slowly sets, the color of the sky turns red and the sea reflects that beautiful color.
Daytime pleasure boats operate daily from March to November. You can cruise around the islets and coves along the jagged coast. However, boats don’t operate when the waves are high. 😢
Sunset cruise: 2,000 yen/person
Daytime cruise: 1,400 yen/person
Address: 2182 Otani, Iwami Town
Website: https://yourun1000.com/pleasureboat/?lang=en/
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  • 🐟🚢Tajiri Fishing Port and Tajiri Shrine⛩⛩
Taking pictures of beautiful scenery is a fun way of exploring a fishing village. It may appear at first as an unexciting country town, but as you stroll down the narrow roads and take pictures of the coastal waters, you begin to appreciate the peaceful atmosphere and the privilege of enjoying the outdoors in this day and age.
Tajiri Shrine is on a hill overlooking the Sea of Japan near Tajiri Fishing Port. It is dedicated to Ebisu, which is believed to be the god of fishing.
Address of Tajiri Shrine: 501 Tajiri, Iwami Town (in Tajiri Port, Uradome Coast)
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  • 🐟🥬Kinanse Iwami🥦🍖
To prepare for your guesthouse cooking experience, here’s where you can get your fresh supply of local ingredients. A 10-minute drive from Guesthouse Hideshima, Kinanse Iwami sells local seafood, vegetables, and sake. Recommended ingredients for September are squid, natural iwagaki oysters, mosaebi shrimp, and seasonal summer vegetables. It is a market where locals also come to shop.

There are 17 roadside stations in the prefecture, selling local products.
Address: 337-4 Nii, Iwami, Iwami Town
List of roadside rest areas in Tottori Prefecture:
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  • 🏠🏠Guesthouse stay🏠🏠 - Hideshima - 
How about staying at a folk guesthouse? Here you can get a good feel of the local culture and lifestyle. This is also a great private place for family and friends. You can make new discoveries and create fun memories by cooking together in the kitchen, using local ingredients. When you’re not sure of how to cook a local ingredient, just ask Mr. and Mrs. Hideshima (owners) and they are happy to help. This folk accommodation facility is a well-maintained 100-year-old private house that was rebuilt after it was relocated from the mountains of Tottori City. It features a traditional Japanese interior and a calm atmosphere with folk arts.
Address: Otani, Iwami Town
Website: www.airbnb.jp/rooms/28970143
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  • 👩🏻🧑🏻‍🦱Amazing women of Tottori👩🏻‍🦱🧑🏻‍🦳

Owner of Mitaki-en, the restaurant hidden in the forest 

She is the wife of the mayor, who had a dream to have his own restaurant inside the forest. Since he had another dream, to serve for the people in his hometown as a mayor, his wife took part to manage Mitaki-en. She is almost 70 but can speaks fluent English. She serves each customer with heart of Omotenashi, the  true hospitality. Do visit Mitaki-en when you’re in Tottori! The beautiful hidden restaurant serves dishes using organic fresh forest vegetables and local fishes. And of course you can really enjoy Japanese hospitality there. 

Photo by @phonenomenon 

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  • 🍜🍜Gyukotsu Ramen🍜🍜
Do you want to eat ramen when you can travel to Japan next time? In Tottori Prefecture, you can find a great noodle dish called gyukotsu (beef bone) ramen. It features a soup made from beef bones. Pork-based ramen is widely known as the standard type. But here in Tottori, beef-based ramen has been around for decades and is the common dish locals love.
One of the recommendation is the shio (salt-flavored) gyukotsu ramen at
  • 🍐🍐Shinkansen Pears🍐🍐
Now you can enjoy an edible shinkansen – that is Tottori’s sweet pear. The Shinkansen variety was developed in Tottori Prefecture in 2008 and has become known for its top-grade sweetness, crispy texture, and refreshing taste. Since it is a popular variety, it is sold at Tokyo’s high-end supermarkets, and is only widely available in Tottori Prefecture. Be sure to savor one when you’re in Tottori!
  • Sake🍶 made from “Japan 100 remarkable spring waters”⛲ 🍶Yamane Sake Brewery🍶

Yamane Sake Brewery in Aoya-cho (Tottori City) uses Fuse Spring Water to make its sake. Mr. Yamane says that because the water is soft, the sake can be slowly fermented to produce a mellow taste.
Yamane's sake brand
  • Autumn is coming soon…🍁🍂
Red leaves @boalisonli 
Bird’s eye Tottori autumn @ryancheng80 

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  • Crystal-clear water✨ Fusé Spring Water
Beat the heat by refreshing yourself with this cold spring water. Long ago, this was the summer home of the feudal lord who ruled the area in around 1600. Located in Tono, Ketaka-cho (Tottori City), Fusé Spring Water was praised by the feudal lord as “icy cold spring water
  • Tottori
    The stage is set for your adventure.

    Majestic sand dunes shimmer under resplendent starry skies. Old-growth forests enshroud mountain sanctuaries long protected as the dwelling place of gods. Cultural legacies passed down through the ages lives on in historical shrines and temples. Here, local delicacies prepared with fresh seasonal ingredients punctuate every outdoor adventure. Here, a veritable mountain of unique discoveries awaits. Here, you don’t have to settle for the sights that everyone has already seen.

    Come to Tottori and find a whole new Japan.

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