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Traveling to Tottori

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  • Multilingual tourist guide via TV phone start testing!

    Tottori Prefecture tourist information and secondary traffic guide interpreter Guide for Tottori Prefecture to visit the foreign visitors tourist information-savvy. Eliminates the problems of tourism in by videophone or e-mail! First of all, download the app!

  • The Easy Luggage Delivery Service start!

    This service, which can be used at Yonago Airport, will deliver your bags to one
    of 88 participating hotel/inns in the Yonago area, Kaike area, Daisen area,
    Sakaiminato area, Matsue area, Lake Shiji area, Tamatsukuri area, Izumo area.
    That way you can begin sightseeing right away, without carrying heavy bags!

  • Tourist Destinations

    Tottori Sand Dunes

    The Tottori Sand Dune is a must for any visitor to Tottori.

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