Mosa Shrimp

These shrimp can be caught in offshore bottom dragnets between September and May. With their season overshadowed by a large portion of the crab season, their existence goes unnoticed for much of the year. They have a lively texture and bold flavour sweeter than that of the Alaskan pink shrimp. Because their freshness degrades so rapidly, they are a transient delight best consumed on the spot, and cannot be sold far from where they are caught.


Enjoying Mosa Shrimp


As sashimi, mosa shrimp is a firmer meat than the Alaskan pink shrimp. The appearance of the dish is less than beautiful, but it has no shortcomings in sweetness or overall flavour—indeed, it is the embodiment of the taste of the Sea of Japan.


◆Mosa shrimp miso soup

A flavourful miso soup with mosa shrimp, wakame seaweed and tofu. The richness of the shrimp and the miso dashi are excellent compliments to one another.



A distinctive hidden taste of lightly-seasoned vegetables boiled in soy sauce. Care must be taken that the shrimp meat does not harden from overcooking.



A simple dish of toasted lightly-salted shrimp, the tender meat bursting from the savoury husk is irresistible.


◆Mosa shrimp sembei

The flavour of the entire mosa shrimp packed into a rice cracker, mosa ebi sembei is a hot seller at souvenir and local specialty shops and was given superior marks at the local commodities competition for ‘Food Capital Tottori’ in 2008.

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