Let’s enjoy cherry blossom viewing in Tottori

Cherry blossom that seem to spred out endlessey,Castle ruins from where one can see both the sea and mountains,flower gardens where cherry blossoms and other flowers bloom in spring …
In Tottori, surrounded by the beautiful nature, you can enjoy cherry blossoms without being bothered by crowds.


Tottori Hanami (Cherry Blossom) Map

How to enjoy “HANAMI”

(1) Tips on what to prepare for flower viewing:
–  A picnic sheet comes in handy for flower viewing as most places have no benches.
–  Disposable kairo heat packs and jackets are good to have as daytime temperatures can drop in April. They are a necessity for night time viewing!
– Trash bags: be sure to take home your own trash.
* You can find the above items at any 100 yen store. Be well prepared to enjoy flower viewing to the fullest.

(2) Dango sweets or flowers? Enjoy the food galore sold at stalls!
– The variety of food stalls of light snacks (takoyaki, taiyaki, and other) set up during the cherry blossom season makes flower viewing all the more festive and exciting!

(3)Things to beware of during the flower viewing season:
-Many roads near popular flower viewing spots tend to be heavily congested in urban areas. Please use public transportation.
-Be careful not to bend or shake branches.
– It is courteous to keep voices down and not play loud music as it may disturb other people enjoying flower viewing.

Let’s enjoy “HANAMI”!!!

Popular cherry blossom viewing spots
  • Kyusho Park "Tottori’s best viewing spot! A must-see!"

    This is the most popular viewing place in Tottori. Many people come to see the soft shades of pink against the backdrop of Tottori Castle ruins and the historical Jinpukaku building which make the cherry blossoms look all the more beautiful. At the entrance of the park, there is a designated tree that provides the blossoming forecast in Tottori. Viewing season : From late March to early April
  • Minatoyama Park and Yonago Castle Ruins "Panoramic view of Lake Nakaumi and Mt. Daisen"

    Yonago’s castle ruins overlook the city, Lake Nakaumi and Mt. Daisen in the distance. In front of Lake Nakaumi, people can enjoy taking a stroll under beautiful cherry trees and admire the sculptures along Chokoku road. You can also take a boat ride and enjoy viewing the cherry blossoms from Kamogawa River which flows beside the walkway. Viewing season : From late March to early April
  • Utsubuki Park "One of San'in’s best places to view cherry blossoms!"

    This park features a range of cherry varieties and other flowers such as azaleas in spring. With the fresh greenery in summer, changing colors of foliage in autumn and camellias in winter, this park offers a different picture each season. It is also considered a healing place and is selected as one of “Japan’s Best 100 Urban Parks”. Viewing season : From late March to early April
  • Tottori Hanakairo Flower Park "A spectacular display with Mt. Daisen and tulips!"

    210 cherry trees blossom in spring, showcasing various shades, from white to dark pink. Enjoy also viewing 28 different kinds of brightly colored flowers (yellow and green flowers too). The joint display of cherry blossoms and tulips with Mt. Daisen in the background is sight not to be missed! Viewing season : From early April to mid Apri
  • Wakasa Station "Matching scenery: cherry blossoms by the station and tracks"

    Just as the name Wakasa (young blossoms) implies, one can expect to find beautiful cherry blossoms at this station. You can also enjoy flower viewing from the train as many cherry trees are planted along the track, between Koge and Wakasa stations. Viewing season : From early April to mid April
A little-known but great place to go by rental car
  • Shiroyama Park, Hosshoji River bank "Paper lanterns creating the perfect sakura display"

    Near the old Hosshoji Castle remains, over 700 cherry (sakura) trees covering an area of 2km blossom along the riverbank. This area is bustled with stalls during the sakura season and the night display of paper lanterns is simply magical! Viewing season : From late March to early April
  • Kanzaki-jinjya Shrine

    Discover a 16m-long ceiling relief of a dragon inside the shrine – one of the largest dragon reliefs in Japan! In early April, the shrine becomes lively with its “Kojin Markets” as people come to enjoy the flower viewing. Viewing season : Early April
  • Shikano Castle Ruins Park "Sakura petals and castle ruins – this is the real Japan!"

    This castle dates back to the Warring States Period. It is embellished in pink all around with 500 somei-yoshino cherry trees. When the lanterns are lit up at night, many people come to see the beautiful sakura reflections in the water of the castle moat. Viewing season : Early April
You can still make it! A spot where you can enjoy cherry blossoms from mid-April to end of April 
  • Senjosan Manbon Sakura Park "Famous mountain embellished with 4000 trees"

    This mountain is well-known for its historical links to Emperor Go-Daigo. Take a scenic drive or enjoy a hiking course and make the most of Mt. Senjosan’s abundant nature which offers a wide range of cherry varieties and numerous trees, including the late blooming yaezakura. Viewing season : From early April to late April
  • Aoshima Island, Koyama-ike Park

    Located in Koyama Pond, this island becomes brightly colored with somei-yoshino and 30 other varieties of cherry trees. Rapeseed blossoms compliment the sakura blossoms in this season, adding contrasting colors to a must-see scenery! Viewing season : Early April
  • Cherry trees along Chizu’s riverbank

    Enjoy viewing cherry blossoms along Sendai River. Take a 1.3-km long stroll to see all of the beautiful 180 somei-yoshino cherry trees, some with impressive branches that appear to hover over the surface of the water. Viewing season : From early April to mid April
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