Let's enjoy Autumn Leaves viewing in Tottori

In Tottori surrounded by beautiful nature such as Mt. Daisen’s beech forest representing Tottori, a historic garden, the local people’s beloved giant trees, you can enjoy viewing a variety of autumn leaves.

Autumn Leaves Map in Tottori

1 Jinpūkaku “the Best Combination of Japanese Garden and Autumn Leaves “

Jinpukaku is a western-style building built next to the Tottori Castle’s ruins. The Japanese garden surrounding it is one of the best spots to view autumn leaves in Tottori City. You must not miss the great combination of scarlet maple leaves and the white western-style building. Access is convenient from Tottori Station.

  • Viewing season : From late November to early December
    ▲Take the 100 yen loop bus “Kururi” (green course) from JR Tottori Station. Short walk from “Jinpukaku – Kenritsu Hakubutsukan” bus stop.
    ● 20 min by car from Tottori Expressway’s “Tottori IC”.


2 Fukuoka Bank “the Collaboration of Autumn Leaves and Mt. Daisen Reflected on the Water Surface”

Fukuoka bank at the back of Shoji Ueda Museum of Photography is well-known for the scenery of the reflection “Upside-down Mt. Daisen” on the water surface. The collaboration of autumn leaves and upside-down Mt. Daisen is very photogenic. At the autumn leaves season, you can get there by Daisen Loop Bus.

  • Viewing season : From late October to early November
    ▲From Yonago station bus stop, take the Daisen Loop bus (30 min) . Get off “UedaSyouji Syasin Bijyutukan (Shoji Ueda Museum of Photography)” bus stop.
    Daisen Loop Bus Operation Period
    4/29 – 11/5 Saturday, Sunday, Holidays
    10/20 ~ 11/5 Everyday operation (colored leaves period)


3 Utsubuki Park ”One of San’in’s Best Places to View Autumn Leaves!”

Utsubuki Park is located at the foot of Mt.Utsubuki, which is a symbol of Kurayoshi with an elevation of 204 meters. As a park which is scenic through 4 seasons, it has been selected as one of the “the Top 100 Municipal Parks of Japan”. In autumn, it becomes a relaxing spot to view the beautiful autumn leaves. Do not forget to visit Shirakabe Storehouses (white wall district) near the park.

  • Viewing season : From late November to early December
    ▲Take the local bus from JR Kurayoshi Station. It’s a short walk from “Shiyakusho – Utsubuki Koen Iriguchi” bus stop or a 10-min walk from “Akagawara – Shirakabe Dozo” bus stop.
    ● 40-min by car from Yonago Expressway’s “Yubara IC” via Route 313 and Route 38.


4 Kagikake Pass  「One of the Best Spots to View Daisen’s Autumn Leaves」

The extensive Japanese beech forest contrasting with Mt. Daisen is a popular scenic spot of Daisen.

  • Viewing season : From late October to early November
    ● 30 min by car from Yonago Expressway’s “Kofu IC”MAP

5 Golden Carpets of Ginkgo Trees

The great ginkgo tree of Nisimikado ”It’s like a golden carpet. The local people’s beloved symbol of the area”

  • Viewing season : From mid November to late November
    ◎30 min from JR Tottori Station, take the Wakasa Line to Wakasa and get off at “Hayabusa Station”, and walk 20 min.
    ▲From Tottori Station bus stop, take the bus Wakasa Line (40 min) . It’s a 4 min walk from “Nishimikado” bus stop.


The great ginkgo tree of the Oo Iwami Shrine ~ 600-year-old Ginkgo Tree ~

  • Viewing season : From early Novemer to mid November
    Deciduous of Ginkgo is from early to mid OctoberAccess
    ◎60 min (Limited Express) of 90 min (Local Train) from JR Yonago Station, take the Hakubi Line to Okayama and get off at “Kamiiwami Station”, and walk 5 min.
    ● 60 min by car from JR Yonago Station.


The ginkgo tree of old Hinokami elementary school ~ Enjoy night lighting up ~

  • Viewing season : From late October to early NovemberAccess
    ●10 min by car from JR Shoyama Station.


The great ginkgo tree of Temporin-ji ~A ginkgo tree that foretells the coming of snow~

  • Viewing season : Late NovemberAccess
    ● 20 min by car from Sanin Expressway’s “Kotoura-Higasi IC”


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