Tottori Castle Remains & Kyusho Park

A mountain castle stood at the heart of Kyusho Park from the Tembun era in the mid-16th century until the Meiji Restoration. At the flattened peak sit the remains of the medieval keep, while at the foot of the mountain part of the outer citadel, ‘celestial sphere’, and walls maintained from the Keichou era until the Meiji, are still partially intact. Designated national monument. A host of places to visit, including Jinpūkaku and the prefectural museum, are found at the foot of Mt Kyusho. In spring, over 400 cherry trees are in bloom, including the Yoshino and Sato varieties, and the swans in the moat flanked by levels of historic walls make an impressive display.

Basic Info

Address Higashi-machi, Tottori, Tottori
TEL 0857-22-3318 (Tottori City Tourism Bureau)
Access 8 min. by highway bus from Tottori Station; get off at Nishi-machi and walk 5 min.. 100-yen bus to Tottori Jouseki; walk 5 min. By car on the Chuugoku Expwy Sayo JCT- Tottori Expwy Tottori IC, 1 hour from Sayo

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