Shan-Shan Festival

With simple arrangements of the Inaba umbrella dance brought from eastern Tottori, the Shan-Shan Festival has become one that anyone can join. The name ‘shan-shan’ is based on onomatopoeia for both the sound of a bell ringing and the sound of water boiling (reminiscent of Tottori’s many hot springs). Every year the area is bustling with over 4,000 people taking part in the umbrella dance. The splendor of this festival has just recently gained attention throughout the country.

Basic Info

Address Vicinity of Wakasa Kaido, Tottori, Tottori
TEL 0857-26-0756 (Tottori Shan-Shan Promotion Committee)
Hours of Operation mid-August

Access Map

Timetable (Flight/Train/Bus)


However, if you plan for a summer getaway in Tottori, be sure not to miss the famous Shan-Shan Matsuri Festival. This is the time when you will find exceptional crowds and merriment everywhere along the streets of Tottori city.

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