Trip Around the Islands Sightseeing Pleasure Boat

Splendid scenery carved by the Sea of Japan’s raging waves, wind and snow. Dozens of tunnels, caves, and unusual rock formations wherever the ocean’s waters flow. The Uradome Seaside’s picturesque scenery has captivated visitors since time immemorial.

Uradome Coast Island Pleasure Boat
View a variety of landscapes such as the beautiful sandy beach of white sand and blue pine and the complex ria coast. Please enjoy a leisurely and cruising.


Uradome Coast Island Small Boat Uradome
Through narrow passages that can not be reached by pleasure boats, you can enter the cave and shallow coves.
Feel the power right below the 70-meter-high cliff. You can enjoy underwater observation with box glasses.


Glass Boat Pleasure Boat IWATSUBAME
The bottom of the ship in the center of the cabin is glassed in, so you can watch the rocks and sand on the ocean floor, seaweed, and sometimes fish swimming right underneath the ship from the inside.
Enjoy a glass boat ride to experience the clarity of the water.


Family Fishing
Beginners and women are also welcome! Family fishing started.
We will guide you to experience fishing on Uradome Coast.
A friendly captain supports the fishing near the shore, so even beginners can enjoy it.

Basic Info

2182 Otani, Iwami-cho, Iwami-gun, Tottori
TEL 0857-73-1212
Hours of
Pleasure Boat: (March-November) 9:30 - 15:30, approx. every hour. Trips approx. 40 min. Small Boat: (April 25 - September 30) 9:15 - 15:15, approx. every hour. Trips approx. 50 min. Glass Boat: (May 10 - September 30) 11:00 ,13:00 (Twice a day). Trips approx. 40 min. Family Fishing: Boat 1 9:30-12:30; Boat 2 13:30-16:00.
Fees Pleasure Boat: Adults 1,500 yen, children 750 yen.
Small Boat: Adults 2,500 yen, children 1,800 yen.
Glass Boat: Adults 2,000 yen, children 1,000 yen.
Family Fishing: Adults 3,000 yen, children 2,000 yen.
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