Fudōiniwaya-dō Temple

This building was erected in the mouth of a natural cave during the Daido period (806-810). The main temple was said to have been a part of the Jinkou Temple on Mt Myoken and to have been endowed with a temple estate of 150 stones, but the fires in the wake of the invasion of the armies of Hideyoshi Toyotomi left only the hall standing. The principal object of worship is the Inaba ‘Kurokawa Fudou’ statue of Acala (the Immovable) carved by Koubou Daishi at the age of 33 and renowned as one of the top three Acala statues in Japan. Like Sanbutsu-ji on Mitokusan in Misasa, Touhoku-gun, the style is similar to that found in other esoteric Buddhism structures.


Basic Info

Address Iwawa-do, Wakasa-cho, Yazu-gun, Tottori
TEL 0858-82-2213
Access 15 min. by bus from Wakasa Station. 90 min. car from Chuugoku Expwy Yamasaki IC.

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