Akagawara preserves the old white exterior while housing stores and gift shops in a renovated interior. The many white-walled storehouses along the Tamagawa River retain the ambience of their origins in the Edo and Meiji periods, designating the area as one of the most important traditional architectures preservation districts in the country. With the variety of eateries and sundry goods shops in the surrounding environs, this is a popular place for a leisurely stroll.



Guide to the Buildings of Akagawara:


(Akagawara 1) A renovated Showa-era soy sauce distillery with plenty of local Tottori goods on display, including a refreshments corner.

(Akagawara 2) Hakota Doll Workshop traditional local toys made by hand.

(Akagawara 3) Nakano Bamboo Crafts, est. 1912, a veteran bamboo craftsman located in a renovated brewery.

(Akagawara 5) Kura: A coffee shop serving excellent stone-ground coffee.

(Akagawara 6) Take a peek at the rare Meiji- and Taisho-era wooden casks at Kuwata Shoyu Distillery.

(Akagawara 7) Gensui Brewery, established in the Kaei years (1828-1854), offering free sampling and a tour of the premises by reservation.

(Akagawara 8) Torazou Confectionery houses a gift shop with local crafts and a tea room.

(Akagawara 10) Well stocked with pamphlets and information, Kurayoshi White Walls District Tourism Information Centre is the place to go for guidance to the area.

(Akagawara 11) The Tougeikan (‘ceramics house’) offers a short ceramics workshop.

(Akagawara 12) Kuwa offering local specialties and works by local artists.

(Akagawara 13) Shirakabe Club, built during the Meji period, is a national tangible cultural property now offering meals and drinks.

(Akagawara 14) Tottoya offers original small accessories, and has a relaxing café.

(Akagawara 15) Asuka Japanese Cooking features local delights in a converted townhouse.

(Akagawara 16) Awayuki Tea & Coffee, Rakutaro Dairy, and Puchikoneru-chan Clay & Sundries.

Basic Info

Vicinity of Shinmachi, Kurayoshi City, Tottori
TEL 0858-23-6666 (Akagawara 1)
URL https://www.kurayoshi-kankou.jp/eng/
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