Yumeminato Tower & Yumeminato Park

Yumeminato Tower and Yumeminato Park are both on the south side of Sakaiminato’s Takenouchidanchi, where the San’in Yumeminato Fair was held. Yumeminato is well known as Sakaiminato City’s main park, offering a panoramic view of the Sea of Japan and Mt Daisen. At the park’s centre, Yumeminato Tower is a 43-metre-tall structure with a viewing platform. The area provides souvenirs and local Tottori specialties as well as opportunities to try on ethnic costumes from Mongolia, Korea, China, and Russia—for free—for a cultural experience the whole family can enjoy.

On the tower’s fourth floor is the scenic Tower Cafe, offering an outstanding view of the landscape from its bright, spacious interior, making it an excellent place to relax.

Next door to the tower is Minato Onsen Honokami, with its rotemburo from which Mt Daisen and the Sea of Japan can be seen, and a most excellent family bathing area. A sauna is also available.

There’s also the Sakaiminato Sakana Centre, with fresh seafood of all sorts, and Ryokuchi Park, with its lovely sea view and wooden boardwalk with objets d’art, bustling with family activity in daytime and a great place for a date in the evening.

Basic Info

Address 255-3 Takenouchidanchi, Sakaiminato City, Tottori
TEL 0859-47-3800
URL http://www.yumeminatotower.gr.jp/
Hours of Operation Minato Tower: 9:00AM-6:00PM April through September and 9:00AM-5:00PM October through March; last entry 30 minutes before closing. Closed on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.
Fees Adults 300 yen, children & teens 150 yen (Foreign passport discount Adults 150 yen, children 70 yen with ID)
Access By car, 30 min. from Yonago Expwy Yonago IC. By bus (Hama Loop Bus) 40 min. on the Main Course. 12 min. on local roads from Yonago Kitaro Airport.

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