Mt Daisen

The marvelous scenery at Japan’s third national park continues to capture the hearts of visitors. At an elevation of 1,709 metres, Mt Daisen’s peak, called Misen, is the highest in the Chuugoku region. Green from spring through summer, red in autumn, and covered with snow in winter, the area captivates through the seasons.

Western Japan’s Premiere Mountain Climbing Spot
The area was hallowed ground for mountain Buddhism and was closed to visitors until the Meiji Restoration. It still contains much unspoiled landscape. Ever-popular for forest bathing and nature hikes, the mountain has long been an aspiration for climbers as well. Typically, an annual summer opening festival is held in the first week of June, heralding the arrival of serious climbers throughout summer. Between the calls of birds and the smell of greenery all around, a climb up Mt Daisen is a sense experience for the whole body. On a clear day, the Sea of Japan, Yumigahama Peninsula, and Nakaumi are visible, providing a sightseeing experience from a completely different perspective. If you find climbing too strenuous, easier trails and hiking and walking courses through the beech forest are another option.

Get the latest Mt Daisen climbing info here:
San’in/Tottori Daisen-cho public tourism site D-Club
Details on all courses & climbing manual (Daisen-cho public tourism site)

Guided climbs are available. Reservations required. Contact the Daisen-cho Tourism Bureau TEL 0859-52-2502
Climbing Course: Daisen Light Climb (summer trails and valley) 3.5 hours
Fee  Volunteer Guide: 2000 yen per guide (for groups of up to 5)

Climbing Course: Daisen Climb (summer trails and summit) 5.5 hours
Fee  Daisen Guide Club Guide: 19000 yen per guide (for groups of up to 30)

Enjoy a Drive  The Many Faces of Daisen
When seen from the Yonago (south) side, the gentle slopes of Daisen are reminiscent of those of Mt Fuji, earning it the nickname ‘Houki’s Fuji’. Seen from Daisen-cho is the mountain’s north face. Its characteristic folding-screen shaped rock surfaces are shaped by Japan’s most extensive lava dome, and the view from the west is unlike any other. One can also take in a view of the mountain’s rougher sides, large patches of grass, gentle dips between the peaks, and Western Japan’s greatest beech forest. To take in the full range of Mt Daisen’s faces and glimmering green, a leisurely drive around the mountain comes highly recommended. With the great beech forest spreading out before the scenic roads and the dazzling green of spring and summer and the gold and red of autumn are a living work of art. The road ahead appears like a tunnel created by the surrounding trees, with glorious sunshine pouring through.

Useful information for drivers, on roads, parking, restrooms, and vistas in the area! Daisen driving tips (green season)

Autumn Colours in Japan’s Top Beech Forest
The spot to see autumn’s finest, as all the mountain is bathed in vivid colours. The Kagikake Pass is a popular spot to take photos.

Ski Areas
The area around Mt Daisen is home to a few ski resorts offering different features such as a clear view of the Sea of Japan, night services, etc., and a range of slopes from beginner to advanced, complete with lodging and dining. Daisen White Resort TEL 0859-52-2315 Masumizu Kogen TEL 0859-52-2420 Kagamiganaru TEL 0859-75-2300 Okudaisen Ski Resort TEL 0859-77-2828

History of Mt Daisen
Daisen-ji is a Buddhist temple that once drew worshippers from all over the region. Its extant stone wall is still reminiscent of its halcyon years. The temple’s shrine to Amida, built in the Muromachi era, is designated Important Cultural Property. At the centre of Mt Daisen, revered in mountain-asceticism, is a 700-metre-long path made of natural stones leading to Ōgamiyama Shrine, one of Japan’s foremost gongen-style shrines. Inside the building you will be surrounded by some of the country’s loveliest sandalwood painted murals and sculptures.

For information about mountain climbing, Daisen-ji, Ōgamiyama Shrine, etc., contact the Daisen-cho Tourism Bureau TEL 0859-52-2502  San’in/Tottori Daisen-cho public tourism site (Daisen-cho web site) Fushigi Daisen (Daisen Tourism web site)

For info about Masumizu Kogen, Daisen Milk no Sato, the Shoji Ueda Museum of Photography, etc., contact the Houki Tourism Bureau TEL 0859-68-5001 Daisen Sightseeing Guide (Houki-cho, Tottori tourism site) (Houki-cho web site)
For information about the Kagikake Pass, Okudaisen, etc., contact the Kofu-cho Tourist Bureau TEL 0859-75-6007 The Okudaisen Story (Kofu-cho, Tottori municipal office public tourism site)

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