Daisen-ji Amida-do

Daisen-ji’s oldest extant temple.

Amida-do was built in the closing years of the Muromachi era, and retains the lovely form of arching eaves protruding from a shingled roof. The principal object of worship is a 2.70-metre-tall wooden statue of Amitabha Buddha said to have been constructed in 1131. Both the building and the buddha are registered Important Cultural Properties. Entrance requires a reservation and fee. Periods of zazen are available by reservation, followed by a talk by the head priest and a period of accretion in the stillness of nature.

Basic Info

Address Daisen, Daisen-cho, Saihaku District, Tottori
TEL 0859-52-2158
Access Via Yonago Expwy Yonago IC to Rt. 24 (Daisen Kanko Doro), 15 min. to the Bakuroza Parking Area; walk 15 min. to Daisen Natsuyama trail. 50 min. by bus from Yonago Station; get off at Daisen-ji and walk 15 min. to Daisen Natsuyama trail.

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