Kamochi Shrine

The Kamochi (written as kanemochi, ‘rich man’s’) Shrine is a famous draw for people coming to pray for wealth and fortune. The deities enshrined here, Amenotokotachi no Mikoto, Yatsukamizuomizunu no Mikoto, and Omizunu no Mikoto, are revered as gods of government, fortune, and nation-building. In 1333 Kamochi Kagefuji, scion of a prosperous clan of the region, joined Emperor Go-Daigo in military efforts to overthrow the shogunate after the emperor retreated from Oki, and came here to pray for victory. He afterwards appropriated the shrine’s tochou decoration for use as his army’s banner.

To this day the shrine attracts a multitude of visitors praying for good luck, and stories abound of business breakthroughs and lottery winnings after praying here. Curiosity about this supposed source of wealth and fortune is sufficient to make this a popular tourist destination.



Hino-cho Tourism Association shop Kamochi Shrine Fuda Shop

Here you can find wallets, good-luck folding fans, and charming items related to the mandarin duck, Tottori’s prefectural bird. (The duck can also be watched from a special observation hut—the Oshidori Kansatsu-goya—a five-minute drive from the shrine.)

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