Tour Japan’s scenic
backroads and discover
its unique nature.

Tottori Prefecture is home to Mt. Daisen, known as one of Japan’s most beautiful mountains—and also a popular cycling destination. Located along the Sea of Japan, it also boasts the Tottori Uminami Road, a 150-kilometer-long cycling road that stretches from east to west on the coast. Experience Tottori’s majestic nature!

  • Please wear a helmet
    when riding a bike
  • Helmets can help mitigate head injuries, the most common fatal injuries in bike accidents. Be sure to wear your helmet in case you get involved in an accident.
    • * As the revised Road Traffic Act took effect in April 2023, cyclists are now required to make an effort to wear a helmet when riding a bike.
    • * Tottori Prefecture has obligated cyclists to make this effort since October 2016 when it enacted its Sasaeai Traffic Safety Ordinance.